Continuity Long Term Care Rotation - Buena Vida

image_morningside manorAttending Faculty: Dr. Liliana Oakes & Dr. Robert Parker


Any absences must be cleared through the main residency office with Janie Trevino. All absences or changes in schedule should also be brought to the attention of your attending. The attending schedule is posted on the departmental electronic scheduling system, .


We hope you enjoy the time that you spend with us. We are constantly attempting to improve the experience. If you have any further questions or comments, please let the faculty know.


**Prior to your first visit, review the Long Term Care Orientation material, listed in the LTC Orientation Info area on this page.


  • To introduce the resident to the long term care facility environment and conditions.
  • To familiarize the resident with long term care medical conditions and complications.
  • To gain experience in the management of long term care patients and their families.
  • To gain experience in nutritional evaluation and therapies of older adults.


The resident will round once a month with the attending at the long term care facility. Rounds are scheduled on either Monday afternoons or Friday afternoons of the month. Rounds begin at 2pm in the Conference Room. The resident will be responsible for seeing and examining their long term care patients prior to rounds. Notes must be completed on the duplicate blue forms available in the Medical Records office. Geriatric instruments are also available on this site.


As this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to care for elders in the long term care environment, attendance will be enforced. More than two absences in a 12 month period will necessitate additional training. The only excused absence is for residents rotating on CCU.


  • Responsible for visits and documentation of visits every 30 days.
  • Responsible for a minimum of 10 visits per year.
  • Responsible for handling of all problems not needing immediate attention as deemed by the GERI-1 resident and/or the attending.
  • Responsible for communicating a change in the patient status or medication to the GERI-1 resident.
  • Responsible for yearly physical examinations and immunizations.
  • Responsible for yearly contact (and documentation in the chart) updating family on condition of patient and documenting in the chart.
  • Responsible for calling the Geriatrics Fellow on any acute mental status change or acute change necessitating transfer as PGY1 and PGY2.
  • Responsible for contacting the nursing home attending directly when the resident deems necessary.


Rounds - Start seeing the patients by yourself and preparing the patient notes. The attending will be at the long term care facility by 2pm to begin rounds.

Blue Forms - Progress note forms are available in the medical records area. Please use the duplicate forms for your notes.

Hospital Transfers - If a patient needs to be admitted contact the family, let them know that our preference is either the NIX or, if they refuse, University Hospital, as our team can take care of them there. For a NIX admission, call the NIX IPS beeper (756-5580). For University Hospital, it is the same process as when you admit someone from clinic (call the IPS upper level, 235-6119 and/or ER attending 358-8601 if necessary). Carry UHS orders with you so that you can write them and fax them to admissions (if patient going straight to floor). MSM nurses will arrange for transportation. IF the patient is transferred to the Methodist ER, please call the ER.